Jelly Truck Unblocked

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Jelly Truck is a fun, physics-based driving game for iOS and Android devices. Players must strategically balance and steer a jelly-like truck through challenging obstacle courses to reach the finish line. With stimulating environments, creative level design and accessible controls, Jelly Truck sucks you into its quivering world.

Gameplay Of Jelly Truck

Each level features a different puzzle-platforming track to navigate your jiggly truck over. Reach the finish line flag by tilting your phone to steer:

  • Tilt left – Truck angles left
  • Tilt right – Truck angles right

Adjust the truck’s momentum and angle to:

  • Land ramp jumps smoothly
  • Traverse wobbly bridges and teeter-totters
  • Enter anti-gravity zones to defy physics
  • Squish and morph through tight spaces

Over 40 courses require planning movements in advance for optimal shapeshifting truck performance.

Controls Of Jelly Truck

Tap leftside of the screen to tilt truck left. Tap right to tilt right. That’s it! Master the physics and puzzles through accessible mobile controls.

Tips & Tricks

  • Take ramps and jumps slowly to stabilize landings
  • Morph truck skinny to squeeze through cracks
  • Gain speed rolling downhill before big jumps
  • Neutralize movement if overtilting truck

Can your balancing skills puzzle-solve through the ornery obstacle gauntlet? Jelly on!

Unveiling the Origins of Jelly Truck

Jelly Truck traces its roots back to its humble beginnings as a creative project by a small team of developers. Inspired by the whimsical idea of a truck made entirely of jelly, the game concept took shape, captivating players with its novel approach to online gaming. As the game gained traction, updates and enhancements were introduced, enriching the player experience with new levels, features, and challenges. Over time, Jelly Truck evolved into a beloved classic, cherished by fans worldwide for its charming aesthetics and engaging gameplay. Dive into the history of Jelly Truck and discover the sweet journey that led to its enduring popularity.

Gameplay & Objective

In each level, players guide the pink gelatinous truck from a starting ramp towards the goal using thrilling physics momentum. Tilt your phone left and right to angle the jiggling vehicle along platforms, over see-saws, down steep hills and around perilous curves.

Plan movements in advance to land ramp jumps smoothly without thetruck losing its shape. 40+ tricky levels keep players on their toes with puzzles to solve utilizing special items like anti-gravity zones and trampolines. Accessible one-touch controls meet strategic thinking for satisfying gameplay.


The  update introduces exciting new features and improvements to the popular mobile game. Players can expect enhanced graphics, smoother gameplay mechanics, and additional levels to challenge their skills. The update also introduces new customizable trucks, allowing players to personalize their gaming experience. With these enhancements, Jelly Truck offers even more fun and excitement for players to enjoy on their mobile devices.

Features Key features that make Jelly Truck a mobile hit:

  • Addictive physics-based movement
  • 40+ puzzle platformer levels
  • Unlockable vehicle skins
  • Global leaderboards
  •  Time trial mode

Can you keep your cool steering this gelatinous vehicle to victory? Download Jelly Truck and jump into the wobbliness today!

You can download the App here: